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Unclaimed Monies Un-Cashed Checks


The following is a list of owners who are entitled to a refund of fees. It includes owners who have been issued a refund check but have not cashed it, or have not maintained a valid mailing address with the Board. 


If your name or someone you know is on this list, please contact John Hickey at 614-752-8963 for information on how to claim the refund.

14th St. Properties, LLC
Attn: James A. OíLeary
Toledo, OH
Refund: $100


321 Enterprises, Inc.

Austinburg, OH

Refund: $600


Abu-Ramy, Inc.
Attn: Nail Al-Mansour
Reynoldsburg, OH
Refund: $450


Arman, Inc.

Dayton, OH

Refund: $200

Baron Drawn Steel Corp.

Attn: Timothy Dillon

Toledo, OH

Refund: $300


Byrnes Inc.
Attn: Anne B. Bain
Cincinnati, OH
Refund: $400


C C Custom Technology Corp.

Attn: Edward G. Esner

Phoenix, AZ

Refund: $100


Carl Henderson

Kent, OH

Refund: $36.60


Conover Realty

Attn: Joy Graeble

Dayton, OH

Refund: $900


Convenience Management Service, Inc. dba Stony Ridge Inn Ltd.

Attn: Roland McKenzie

Millbury, OH

Refund: $150


Convenience Real Estate No. 94, LLC

Attn: Ron L. Caudill

Millbury, OH

Refund: $900


Corporate Wings Development

Attn: Ed McDonald

Cleveland, OH

Refund: $150 


Creech Oil Inc.

Attn: Tom Creech

Dayton, OH

Refund: $250


Eastern Electric Co.

Atlanta, GA

Refund: $3,975


Equity Office Management, LLC

Chicago, IL

Refund: $3,800

Fischbach & Moore Inc.

New York, NY

Refund: $300


Gary and Linda Caldwell

Flemming, OH

Refund: $450


Hamilton Foundry & Machine Company

Attn: Charles E. M. Rentschler

Harrison, OH

Refund: $955


James Steiner

Orrville, OH

Refund: $1,800


Jefferson Smurfit Corp.

Attn: Brent Petterson

Alton, IL

Refund: $9,600


JS Oil Co., Inc.

Attn: Jaswinder Kaur

Uhrichsville, OH

Refund: $1,000


JSB Petroleum Inc.

Attn: Jagdeep Singh

McCutchenville, OH

Refund: $300


Keith J. Little

Minford, OH

Refund: $450


Kimís Sohio

Attn: Jae Sung Kim

Dayton, OH

Refund: $150


Kyle J. Joseph

Belle Center, OH

Refund: $200


Larry D. Smith

Branson, MO

Refund: $250


Larry D. Turley

Toledo, OH

Refund: $300


Lend Lease Trucks

New York, NY

Refund: $300


Manna Pro Corp.

Attn: Roger W. Cagle

Circleville, OH

Refund: $400


Marko Octane & Lube, Inc.

Attn: Charles Marko

Ravenna, OH

Refund: $400


Marvin Kantor

Dayton, OH

Refund: $150


McDermott International

Barberton, OH

Refund: $850


Melmore Garage

Attn: Darrell McDannell

Melmore, OH

Refund: $70


Metro Petroleum, Inc.

Garfield Heights, OH

Refund: $425


Mid-States Petroleum Inc.

Troy, MI

Refund: $750


MSKA South, Inc.

Attn: Mohamed Tawfik

Toledo, OH

Refund: $400


Ohio Gas Station d/b/a Clarkia

Cleveland, OH

Refund: $400


Ohio Soil Services, LLC

Attn: Glenn Troyer

Fredericksburg, OH

Refund: $66,295.75


Pre-Fab Transit Co.

Farmer City, IL

Refund: $250


S. J. Roetzel & Son Produce, Inc.

Attn: Jeffrey S. Roetzel

Otway, OH

Refund: $150


Saife Properties, LLC

Attn: Saleh Wadallah

Lakewood, OH

Refund: $400


Sodhi Petrol, Inc. d/b/a Bucyrus Marathon

Bucyrus, OH

Refund: $2,200


Spring Industries Inc.

Wheeling, WV

Refund: $650


T.J. Hume Company

Attn: Stephen M. Stumphauzer

Vermilion, OH

Refund: $300


Walston Motors, Inc.

Attn: James L. Walston

Bucyrus, OH

Refund: $485


Walther Limited

Waynesville, OH

Refund: $150


Weinco Inc.

Salem, OH

Refund: $350


Western Capital Corporation

Attn: Jeff Michaelic

Fort Worth, TX

Refund: $900


Refunds Pending More Information Requested


The following is a list of owners the Board believes are entitled to a refund of fees. It includes owners who have not responded to our requests for more information necessary to issue the refund check.


If your name or someone you know is on this list, please contact Cindy Knight at 614-752-8963 for more information.


Shelby, OH

Case Leasing & Rental Inc.
Celina, OH

Childrenís Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH

Dennis Pontiac
Columbus, OH

Edgar Moore
Ironton, OH

Edgewater Yacht Club, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

F E Longstreth Co. Inc.
Dayton, OH


Gene Hansen
Cincinnati, OH


Heidtman Steel Prod Inc.
Toledo, OH

Henderson Oil Co.
Middletown, OH

Industrial Pallet and Packaging
Cleveland, OH

J & J Trucking & Salvage Co.
Elyria, OH

Jerry Goetzman
Mount Vernon, OH

Julian Speer Co.
Cincinnati, OH

Kelley Petro Inc.
New London, OH

Kenmore Construction Co., Inc.
Akron, OH

National Engineering and Contracting Co.
Cleveland, OH


Neva Prange
Eaton, OH

New Boston Centennial LLC
Cincinnati, OH

Nicolae Ludu
Cleveland, OH

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad
Pittsburgh, PA

Polaris Vocational Center
Middleburgh Heights, OH

Rick Case Motors, Inc.
Plantation, FL


Ross Products Division

Abbot Laboratories

Columbus, OH


Schraedly Marine Inc.
Lexington, OH

Scioto Warehouses
Columbus, OH

Stevens Van Lines
Saginaw, MI

The Christ Hospital
Cincinnati, OH

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