The Ohio Revised Code and the Boardís rules require that owners and operators not only achieve compliance but maintain compliance with UST regulations to obtain a Certificate of Coverage and, most importantly, to be eligible to make a claim against the Financial Assurance Fund. 

Some owners and operators overlook many of the annual, monthly and daily requirements that must be met for the routine operation and maintenance of UST systems. 

BUSTR has recently studied the results of 340 citations issued following compliance inspections completed after December 22, 1998.  Among the most frequent violations are; failure to conduct an annual test of the piping leak detector and to conduct an annual line tightness test or monthly monitoring for pressure piping, inadequate operation and maintenance of automatic tank gauging and failure to test a tank systemís cathodic protection.  Not only can owners be fined for these violations, but Fund coverage can be jeopardized also. 

The Board will be issuing periodic reminders in which Frank the Tank will offer tips and advice regarding the proper operation and maintenance of UST systems.  Frank suggests you keep this information in a conspicuous location to remind those who are responsible for UST system compliance of his tips and advice.

Donít jeopardize Fund Coverage by not being in operational compliance.